Mother’s Day For The Bereaved Mother

Guest post by Tina Thurtel, Sands Queensland Committee President

My first Mother’s Day was brutal after my baby, Willow, died. My partner was thoughtful enough to include Willow’s name on my card. It was bittersweet. I felt like crying all day. Mother’s Day was no longer a happy day for me, it was a harsh reminder of all that I had lost. I couldn’t see that it was ever going to get any better.

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How to give love and support on International Bereaved Mother’s Day


May 7th is International Bereaved Mother’s Day.

It is a day for those in the Pregnancy and Infant Loss community to come together to show their support and recognition for those mothering children no longer here with them.Read More »

A mother’s love is forever

May 4th was International Bereaved Mother’s Day, May 11th is Mother’s Day and the week in between is National Mothering Week.

We are still mothers and many of us mother our children who died, in a different way than if they were here with us. We want you to share with us how you mother your child. What do you do in their honour and to keep their memory alive?

This weekend we invite you to upload your photos and comments to our wall and please let us know if you are happy for us to repost and share your stories.





Please take a moment to watch this year’s tribute to the wonderful Mothers we are.