Contributor Lyndell Lyndell Price

Mum to three beautiful girls – Charlotte who was stillborn at 29 weeks in 2011, Rosie (pictured) and Katie. Lyndell begun volunteering at Sands Queensland shortly after the death of her daughter, beginning with basic office duties, she now works part time as the Digital Media Officer and volunteers more time to Sands Queensland events and looking for new ways to support bereaved parents.  If you wish to join any of the online groups or events for Sands Queensland (or have any questions) you can contact her at


Karin Holmes

Karin Holmes

Karin is mum to three children – one in heaven and two girls, Kiana and Maisie, here on earth. She lost her very first pregnancy to a missed miscarriage on 1 July 2011. It was all a huge shock to her and one she didn’t cope with very well to start with. As Karin and hubby Michael lived in Melbourne at the time, Karin turned to Sands Victoria first for help and support. Through the online loss community, she found her way to Sands Qld and has stuck with them ever since, trying to help out where she can. Besides being a contributor to the Sands Qld blog, Karin is a part time support worker, author of the book ‘How to survive a miscarriage’ and owner of her online grief practice, Snowdrop.


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