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Cold Cot Delivered to Cairns Base Hospital from Sands Queensland

Today our Sands Queensland group in Cairns delivered the cold cot unit we have been fundraising for to the Birth Suite at Cairns Hospital.

This is the first time our group in Cairns has undertaken a big fundraising drive like this. At first raising just over $3000 seemed really daunting and we thought we might just raise the money in time for the Walk to Remember in October. However the community response to this has been amazing, not only did we raise enough money for the cold-cot, we also raised enough to buy a good quality camera, a stock of USB sticks and some printing accessories to go with it.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the people in the community who made donations to the Everyday Hero pages. Without their donations we wouldn’t have been able to make this worthwhile purchase for the hospital. It was really clear from the fundraising pages that a large proportion of the donors were bereaved parents themselves, family members, or knew someone that had experienced the death of a baby. Everyone who donated was so supportive of the purchase of the unit.

We would also like to say thank you to all the people who facilitated the everyday hero pages where the donations came through: Kate who raised funds through Team Fletcher, Melissa who raised funds through Team Harry and Nerissa’s Team Milaya who facilitated the Cold Cot for Cairns Base page. Rachelle Johnson also participated in the Cairns 70.3 and raised money in the process. Rachelle received fantastic support from the community and in particular Bluewater, a local Cairns business, made a sizeable donation towards the cause. Also thank you to the midwives from the birth suite that held a sausage sizzle and donated the funds towards the cot and to everyone in the Sands crew who manned the car-boot sale stall.

As with many things at Sands Queensland the process of this fundraiser has been just as important as the goal. For Sands Queensland it’s about starting conversations around pregnancy and infant loss and raising awareness that support is out there for families. This fundraiser allowed us to achieve that.

We feel extremely proud that we have staff here at the Cairns hospital who understand how important it is for parents to have choices about how, when and how much time they would like to spend with their baby. That’s exactly what this unit will do, it will give parents choices.

What an amazing achievement Cairns, well done!!!

Cold Cot thankyou

Cold Cot for Cairns Base

The Sands Queensland team in Cairns has been busy this year fundraising to purchase a cold cot cooling system for the Cairns Base Hospital.

Cuddle Cot System photo from www.parmed.com.au
Cuddle Cot System photo from http://www.parmed.com.au

A cold cot cooling system is a small unit that can be placed inside any bassinette or cot to keep a baby that has died cool. This enables bereaved parents to extend the time they have with their precious baby. Time they can spend creating memories and spending time as a family before they say their final goodbye. This time is a crucial part of the grief process.

The team has been overwhelmed by the response they have had, with just under $2500 dollars raised so far. On Monday May 5th the Maternity ward at Cairns Base Hospital are holding a sausage sizzle fundraiser for International Midwives’ Day with all proceeds generously donated towards the cot.

Dedicated Sands members have set up individual fundraising pages through EveryDay Hero and are participating in events to ensure this purchase becomes a reality.

If you would like to show your support for the purchase of a cold cot



You can also donate towards the cold cot by supporting individuals from the Cairns Team.

Kate Minto – In memory of Fletcher John                             DONATE NOW

Nerissa Healy – In memory of Milaya                                     DONATE NOW

Rachelle Johnson – In memory of Charlotte and Sharee    DONATE NOW

Melissa Zaini – In memory of Harry                                        DONATE NOW


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