Guidelines and Patterns

Thank you for your interest in helping SandsQ provide memory bags and bereavement clothing to hospitals across Queensland. Items donated by SandsQ Butterfly follow set guidelines and patterns. There is a Sizing Chart for easy reference of sizing, sets and patterns. Please familiarise yourself with these guidelines and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Donations can be sent to:     SandsQ Butterfly, PO Box 934, New Farm, QLD, 4005


Please complete this Donation Form to help us keep track of items we receive.

Sands has contacts in most hospitals across the state and will ensure your donations go to those hospitals who are in need.

Find us on Facebook to keep updated with donations and events – SandsQ Butterfly

or join us in our online group at SandsQ Butterfly Crafters Network. Please send us an email of introduction to join.

Butterfly Bag

Details about the memory bag, what it contains and how it is funded can be found at Sands Q Butterfly page.

 Other donations needed for the Butterfly bag are

  • Small white baby wash cloths (10cm square terry towel with overlocked edges or store bought wash cloths)
  • Blankets, approx. 50 – 55cm square. Must be plain white cotton one side and white or cream flannel the other side.

Donations for clothing and blankets

After speaking with hospitals and other volunteers who have been making items specifically for the delicate needs of babies who have died, several clothing sets have been developed for different gestations. Our aim is to provide hospitals with packaged sets, in ziplock bags so items can be easily stored and accessed in hospitals.

Guidelines for material choices

It is important to always remember when making these items that they are for babies who have died.

  • Cotton or flannelette is to be used for outfits, blankets and cloth nappies (inside layer must be flannelette).
  • Colours should be soft pastels in blue, pink, green, purple, yellow and white. Keep in mind, tones of colour as well, soft baby colours are needed.
  • Fabric with a pattern should be avoided for outfits, especially for early gestation sizes. If patterns are used, choose small sized patterns in soft colours.
  • Embellishments on clothing should be small and delicate. Always keep in mind the focus should be on the tiny baby wearing the outfit.
  • Please be culturally sensitive in your choice of patterns or embellishments. Natural patterns such as florals, shapes, animals etc are preferred.
  • Knitted or crochet items accepted are – beanies, booties and blankets.
  • Very soft baby yarns that will be gentle on delicate skin should be used for knit or crochet items.

Patterns and Sets

When making items please make a matched set and follow patterns provided. These patterns have been selected and approved by the hospitals we donate to, as suitable for these fragile babies. Giving two of some items allows the parents to take one set home and to have another as a keepsake.

Please note you do not have to make a complete set as listed below. We are only asking that you make a set of what you are making, eg. 2 matching beanies.

Quick Guide for Knit and Crochet

Quick Guide for Sewn

Sizing Chart for easy reference of sizing, sets and patterns.

SandsQ Butterfly provides the following sets. Click on link for pattern.

Miscarriage Gift Set: Flutter, a keepsake for parents

1 Fabric Envelope

1 Crochet Butterfly or Sewn Butterfly

Bunting, blanket, beanie and booties must be in WHITE ONLY

1 Bunting Wrap (6” x 6”) – cotton outside, plain flannelette inside OR 1 Blanket 6″ x 6″ (knit or crochet).

1 Beanie (knit or crochet), 1 set booties (knit or crochet)



Bunting Set: for babies too small or fragile to be dressed

2 matching Bunting Wraps (8” or 10” square) – cotton outside, plain flannelette inside.

1 Absorbency Wrap (6” square) – plain flannelette

2 Hats, combination of Beanie (knit or crochet) or Bonnet (knit or crochet)



Lay Me Down Wrap Set: for babies 16 – 30 weeks gestation

1 Lay Me Down Wrap (2 sizes available – small & medium) – plain or patterned flannelette outside, plain flannelette inside.

1 Absorbency Wrap (6” square) – plain flannelette

2 cloth nappies (material to match Wrap, 1 is a keepsake for parent)

2 Hats, combination of beanie (knit or crochet) or bonnet (knit or crochet)

2 sets of matching booties (knit or crochet)



Blanket sets

2 blankets (crochet or knit)

2 beanies (crochet or knit) and 2 matching booties (knit or crochet)



Sewn: 50 – 55cm square, white cotton one side, white/cream flannelette other (for Butterfly Bag)

Sewn/Knit/Crochet, from your own pattern: various sizes (cm)    16 x 16            25 x 25             40 x 40             60 x 60

Preferred size 40 – 60cm square. Sewn blankets flannelette inner, cotton outer. See this video for a basic blanket pattern.

Thank you so much for donating your time.


6 thoughts on “Guidelines and Patterns

  1. Hi.

    I would love to help out and make some wraps and blankets.
    As I can not knit nor can I crochet very well.

    What is the best way in which I can go about doing this?


    • Hi Tamara, lots of options to sew – blankets, wraps, clothing and the memory bag itself 🙂 You can find all sew patterns in the post above, if you would like to become a sewist for the memory bag or join our craft Facebook group please send us an email at – hope to hear from you soon 🙂


  2. Hello
    I am interested in making Angel gowns from my wedding dress. Do you have any patterns or could point me in the right direction to find some.


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