Welcome to the Sands Queensland blog!

Sands Queensland was formed in the early 1980s by a group of bereaved parents who recognised that the emotions they experienced after the death of their baby were common to many parents and that supporting one another helped them on their grief journey.

Sands Queensland supports parents whose baby has died at any stage during pregnancy or the newborn period. The death of a baby is a devastating experience whenever it occurs and Sands does not distinguish between losses. Every parent’s experience is individual, and every circumstance is unique. Yet there are many core emotions that seem to be common to parents whose baby has died.

Sands Queensland supports parents no matter how long since the death of their baby. Whether newly bereaved or whether your baby died some years ago, we are here to help you find the support and information you need.

The Sands Queensland office is in Brisbane, but we also have supporters across the State and Sands groups in regional centres, including Townsville, Cairns, Mackay and the Sunshine Coast.

For more information about Sands Queensland please go to


Please note this blog is maintained by volunteers.


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