In Memory of George

Guest post by Sarah

Hello my name is Sarah, along with my husband Michael we operate Mikah Hand Stamped Jewellery and Gifts. Mikah is a local Toowoomba business that creates personalised pieces of hand stamped jewellery. Every piece is hand crafted and has been designed especially for you. We are passionate about creating a sentimental personalised piece of hand stamped jewellery for you, reflecting a special moment, memory or your family.

We wanted to help Sands Queensland due to the immense help they gave us when we lost our son George. When we fell pregnant with George we were so happy, our son Charlie would have a younger brother or sister and we were on the way to having another beautiful child.

Unfortunately when I was 19 weeks pregnant we got the terrible news that our son had passed away. What came over the next days and weeks was terrible and not bringing George home with us was too much to bear.

At the hospital I was told about Sands and given the details to contact them. I looked them up straight away and found a lot of help with understanding what was happening and also understanding how those around me felt. Knowing we weren’t alone and had support was reassuring. After some time I felt a lot of regret about not having prints of my son’s hands and feet or photos of him. I contacted Sands for some help.

Sands helped Michael and I get what we needed, thanks to their coordination we have beautiful photos of our son and the prints we so desired. As soon as I got these a weight was lifted off us, it has helped us greatly with our grieving. Without Sands we wouldn’t have these precious images from a time where in the confusion of it all we didn’t do these steps ourselves.

After this amazing support we wanted to do what we could to help Sands in return. We are very proud to be helping Sands, helping them to help all other families like ours that lose a child.




Sarah and Michael have generously offered 5% of all sales at their store, Mikah Hand Stamped Jewellery and Gifts, to be donated to Sands Queensland.

Please visit their website to see the their collection of beautiful gifts.

Mikah Hand Stamped Jewellery and Gifts





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