Our Beautiful Little Star

Ten months ago our world changed in an instant when we heard the words no expectant parent dream of hearing,

“I’m sorry there is no heartbeat, your baby has died!”

That is what my husband and I heard on the 20th November 2012 when we went to the hospital for a check up at 34 weeks and 6days. We were living in a country town 10 hours from Brisbane and after an agonising drive to Brisbane, 2 days later our beautiful little star Amelia Joan was born at 6:32pm, weighing 5pounds and measuring 50cm long.


She was perfect in every way and, unlike other parents who have no answer to the question all parents ask Why?, we were lucky in the sense that we know the cause of her death. It was an umbilical cord accident, it was around her ankle.

Through the kindness of another mother who left us a card at her grave we discovered Sands Queensland and the fabulous support that they provide, and it is to thank them and to honour or little star who is constantly shining brightly over us that my husband and I walk the Bridge to Brisbane on this my husband’s first Father’s Day!


If you would like to support Erin in the Bridge to Brisbane, you can donate at her Everyday Hero page.


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