I support you, you support me.

At Sands this is what it is all about, parents supporting each other through the thick and thin of grief. My husband and family recently moved to Singapore and when we heard of our Sands family walking in the Bridge to Brisbane we were sad that we would not be able to join in. So we supported our Sands family the way we could by sponsoring them.

To our delight the idea of making butterflies and having them pinned to the walkers was created.


My mother and I sat  together to make little butterflies, we talk about Ruby, we thought about Ruby, we created butterflies that reflected Ruby, that reminded us of Ruby.

We might not be able to walk in the Bridge to Brisbane, our little Ruby will be there breaking the silence, walking with other parents, feeling love and spreading love, supporting parents that support us.



If you would like a butterfly for your baby to join us at the Bridge to Brisbane, please send it to

Bridge to Brisbane Butterflies, c/o Sands Queensland, PO Box 934, New Farm, Qld 4005.

Or you can view the butterflies in our Album


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